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Olympia Quality twelve string set of acoustic guitar strings



  • Bronze 80/20 light gauge
  • E-1st 010/E-2nd 010/B-3rd 014/B-4th 014/G-5th 023/G-6th 008/D-7th 030/A-10th 018/E-11th 047/E-12th 027
  • Olympia HQ (High quality) guitar strings are manufactures from the finest Platinum alloy in an exclusive process to assure a uniformed shape.
  • The wound strings are made from the finest 80/20 bronze wire wrapped around a platinum alloy hexagonal steel core producing a deep bass response with extremely bright and crisp overtones.
  • This is chemically treated to prevent discoloration and rusting.
  • The result is the finest sound possible from your instrument.


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